LDP2 draft supplementary guidance

Supplementary guidance documents provide much more detail than is possible to include in Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) and can be updated without having to wait for a new LDP to be produced.

These draft supplementary guidance documents directly relate to a policy in LDP2. They were issued for consultation alongside the Proposed Plan. It was agreed at Full Council that following the adoption of LDP2 that the comments to the draft supplementary guidance would be brought to the next possible Economy and Resources Committee. Once formally adopted they become part of LDP2 and have the same weight as the Plan in the decision making process.


Overarching policies


Economic Development




Historic Environment


Natural Environment


Community Facilities




Planning Guidance

Planning guidance provides detail on a range of subject areas.  Unlike supplementary guidance it does not form part of LDP2 but once adopted by the Council may be a material consideration in the decision making process.  One of the benefits of planning guidance is that it can be updated very quickly and can be prepared if a new issue arises which does not have an appropriate link in the plan to allow the production of supplementary guidance.

The following list of documents were either supplementary guidance or planning guidance to the first LDP.  The list will be reviewed and those that are still relevant will be updated and reported to the Councils Economy and Resources Committee for adoption at the same time as the various pieces of supplementary guidance listed above. 

Settlement Statements and Inset Maps


Supplementary Guidance documents under review

The following documents were adopted as supplementary guidance to the first Local Development Plan. They need to be updated and issued for consultation before they can be readopted as supplementary guidance to LDP2.


This webpage will be kept under review


Page last updated: 16/10/2019
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