Local Government Pension Scheme and Retirement

You can voluntarily retire at any age on or after your 55th birthday. Your benefits may be reduced depending on your age and length of service.

If you are aged 55 or over and want to voluntarily retire, you do not need your employer's consent.

You should give your employer the standard period of notice and also notify the Pensions Section at least 3 months before your retirement date. Retirement forms will normally be sent to you between four and six weeks prior to your retirement date.

Normal Retirement Age

The normal retirement age for receiving your LGPS pension, is your State Pension age. If you draw your pension at State Pension age you will be paid without any reductions to benefits.

If you draw your pension after your State Pension age, your pension will be increased.

Early Retirement

The Regulations allow members of the scheme to retire and receive early payment of their pension from age 55 without their employers' permission.

If retiring between age 55 and 60 there is no 85-year rule protection and pension benefits must be reduced as they are being paid for longer. 

There are further provisions to pay your pension early if you leave employment through:

Ill Health
The LGPS pension can be paid early if your employer decides you are permanently unable to perform the duties of your job due to ill health.  

Redundancy and business efficiency
If you are aged 55 (50 if you were a member as at 6 April 2006) and have at least two years' total membership, you will receive your pension immediately with no reduction for early payment.

Flexible Retirement
At age 55 or over and with your employer's consent, you can receive your pension by reducing your hours and/or your pay grade whilst remaining in work. You are able to re-enter the LGPS and continue to pay contributions.

How will my pension be paid?

Your pension is paid on the 15th of each month in arrears. The first monthly payment is usually paid within six weeks of your date of retirement or receipt of completed retirement forms (whichever is later).

If you are entitled to the payment of a lump sum this is normally paid direct to your bank account within ten working days of your retirement date or receipt of the completed retirement forms (whichever is later).

If you are entitled to payment of a balance of salary for a period until your retirement date then this is paid separately to your pension benefits.

Changing bank or building society

If you change bank accounts, your own bank won't normally tell us - so please make sure you do! Please download the bank details form and send it to our Transactions Team by email Transactions@dumgal.gov.uk.  We cannot update your payment details without a fully completed form. The last thing you want is us trying to make a payment to your old bank account, which may have already been closed. To do this, please allow at least three weeks before your payday to change your records. If you live abroad you will need a different bank form. Please contact us for this.

Pension scams

The LGPS is a Defined Benefit (DB) scheme which provide members with a guaranteed income at retirement. LGPS members are advised to consider carefully what they are being offered with a pension transfer. Thousands of people have lost their retirement income after falling for a pension scam.

Contact us

You can contact the Pension Team for further guidance or to arrange independent financial advice through our providers:

  • Email pensions@dumgal.gov.uk
  • Call 01387 273855
  • Write to Pensions Section, Dumfries & Galloway Council HQ, English Street, Dumfries DG1 2DD

Our team predominantly work from home.  Please make contact us to make an appointment if you need to visit us.


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Page last updated: 25/08/2022
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