Submit a completion certificate for building work

You're required to submit a completion certificate to us for acceptance once you're satisfied that all work covered by a building warrant is complete and meets the relevant building regulations.

A completion certificate confirms you're happy that the work was completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.  We'll either formally accept the certificate if everything's in order or reject it if further action is required.

Tell us work is finished

Submit a completion certificate using the Scottish Government's eBuilding Standards website:

Submit a completion certificate online

Submissions are sent to us automatically and processed as normal. You'll need to provide:

  • contact details
  • a completion certificate
  • details of the original building warrant
  • a Certificate of Construction (if using an Approved Certifier of Construction)
  • details of building notices issued (if any)

You need to apply for a certificate or inspection if you've carried out work without a valid building warrant (including when a warrant has expired). We can also provide written confirmation that the work you've carried out is exempt from the building regulations or doesn't require a warrant if needed.

What happens next

We'll check that the work complies with approved plans and building regulations and let you know if we're accepting or rejecting the certificate within 14 days.

There might be a need to see certificates or other documentation for aspects of the work, carry out certain tests or for one of our staff to inspect the work. Inspections aren't normally required if the work is covered by a Certificate of Construction.

We'll inform you what action is required if your certificate is rejected, you might need to submit a new certificate or apply for an amendment to the warrant if the project has included any unauthorised changes.

It is important that you keep your completion certificate acceptance safe as it will more than likely be needed by property buyers, lease-holders or mortgage lenders or solicitors at some point in the future.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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