Community Payback

A Community Payback Order (CPO) is an alternative to a custodial sentence and has replaced community service, probation and supervised attendance orders.

The Court issues a CPO with various requirements attached to ensure that offenders pay back into their local communities and address their offending behaviour.

Requesting work to be done

We consult local communities regularly to find projects that they feel will benefit their area but local organisations or members of the public can request for offenders to do unpaid work which will be of help to the community.

This work can include:

  • Clearing pathways and grass cutting
  • Building garden furniture for community projects
  • Repainting community centres or churches
  • Market gardening and distributing the produce to care homes and local charities
  • Creation and maintenance of community allotment sites
  • Cleaning public places

We only accept applications where work doesn't deprive someone of paid employment.


Page last updated: 14/08/2019
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