John Wallace Trust Scheme

The scheme awards bursaries to secondary school pupils living in the upper Nithsdale area who are about to enter, or are attending, Higher Education.

Financial assistance may be available for up to five years. The amounts paid can change each year depending on the number of applicants received. Successful new and continuing students are required to complete a certificate of attendance form each year to ensure payment.

Award criteria

Awards may be allocated to pupils/students who are about to enter or are attending:

  • The Barony College or another institution specialising in Agriculture and allied sciences
  • University or another institute of Higher Education,
  • Open University courses

Travel grants

Grants may be made to persons ordinarily resident in the area of benefit to enable them to travel either in Great Britain or abroad for any purpose of an educational nature.  The applicant will be required to submit, for approval, a statement of the purposes for which the journey is to be undertaken, the places to be visited, the probable length of absence from home and the likely costs of the trip and submitted by email.

How to apply

The scheme is open to applicants in March each year and closes at the end of December. Application can be made at the link below:

Apply to the John Wallace Trust Scheme >>


Applicants will be informed of their success by May of the following year after their course has started and the meeting of the Education Committee has taken place. Payments are made by bacs once the college or university has confirmed the applicant's place.

Privacy statement

Further information can be found at

Further information

Page last updated: 25/11/2022
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