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Dumfries Learning Town

Dumfries Learning Town brings all the schools across Dumfries together to deliver education on a 'whole town' basis.

Partnership working will ensure that a child's educational experience is of the highest quality and leads on to further study or employment.

With a vibrant, modern curriculum they'll benefit from:

  • common timetables
  • shared resources
  • improved and extended facilities  
  • increased aspiration

Each Dumfries learner will have the same choices and opportunities no matter which school they attend. Each learner has a base school but will have the chance to follow courses that may be offered at any of the other facilities as they get older.

All learners will fully benefit from the Curriculum for Excellence , Getting It Right for Every Child  and our Youth Guarantee through new purpose built facilities.

Project phases

The development of Dumfries Learning Town will be completed over 2 phases involving new buildings and the redevelopment of existing buildings.

The Bridge

The Bridge  is a facility we're planning to build in Dumfries which will help develop people develop specialist skills and knowledge that they need for further education and work. The Bridge will be built next to the King George V Sports Complex on Glasgow Road as part of the Dumfries Learning Town Project. Work should start in Spring 2017 with the facility due to open in early 2019.

North West Campus

The North West Campus  will be a new school in Lochside, Dumfries. The facility will bring together the current Lochside Primary School, St Ninians Primary School, Maxwelltown High School and Langlands School.

Redeveloping St Joseph's College

We're currently redeveloping St Joseph's College as part of the Dumfries Learning Town Project. The school on Craig's Road in Dumfries is being transformed at a cost of around £24 million.


We have allocated approximately £72 million from our capital budget to pay for the building of the schools, the Bridge and the transition to the 'whole town' delivery of the curriculum.

In addition there will be:

  • integrated transport and travel plans to encourage safe walking, cycling and the use of public transport.
  • new technology to improve the connection between all the facilities.

Best practice

Professor Stephen Heppell, Europe's leading expert on learning spaces and digital education, has been sharing his knowledge and experience from an international perspective, as well as working with us to question how we use our schools.

Contact details

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Page last updated: 02/09/2019
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