Permitted development rights for agriculture

Some development work for the purposes of agriculture can be done without planning permission. You need to submit and pay for a Determination of Prior Approval Notification (DPA) application instead.

You don't need planning permission (depending on certain criteria) for:

  • The erection, extension, or alteration of an agricultural building on land over 0.4 hectares
  • Making, altering or maintaining private ways on agricultural land
  • Excavation or engineering operations on agricultural land

'Agricultural' includes:

  • horticulture, fruit growing, market gardens, nurseries and seed growing,
  • the breeding and keeping of livestock and dairy farming
  • grazing land, meadow land, osier land, and some woodlands.

You will need planning permission if:

  • the agricultural land is less than 0.4 hectares
  • the work or building is not for an agricultural purpose
  • you're building or extending something to be more than 465 square meters, including any other development done  in the last 2 years that is within 90 metres.
  • you're building something more than12 metres high, or more than 3 metres high within 3km of an aerodrome
  • the development will be within 25 metres of a trunk/classified road.
  • it involves a building housing animals or for storing slurry or sewage sludge and is within 400 metres of someone's house which isn't part of a farm.

Applying for a DPA

Quicker and more straightforward than planning permission, a DPA still gives us a 28 day period to look at the siting and design of your building and raise any concerns. You will then be asked to re-apply for Prior Approval if there are any concerns.

Submit a DPA application

Your DPA application must include:

  • a written description of the proposed development
  • a plan of the site
  • the fee

Starting work

You can begin work once:

  • you have confirmation that prior approval isn't required
  • after 28 days of your application being accepted if you've heard nothing to the contrary
  • once prior approval has been given if it was needed.

You must carry out your work in accordance with the plans you submitted within 5 years of your application.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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