Business licences

You need a licence from us to trade in certain businesses.

Apply for a licence

Download and complete the relevant application form from this page. Details of return addresses, fees and supporting documents are included on the forms.

Each licence has a number of conditions that you should read before applying.

What happens next

There is a minimum consultation period of 28 days before applications are considered. This allows people to submit objections or representations before a decision is made. We'll contact you after this.

Comment on an application

Comments of objection or support must be made in writing within 28 days of the licence notice being given. Information on how to do this will be on the notice.

You'll need to provide:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • the reason for your objection or representation

Application forms

Boat hire

There are two licences for boat hire - one applies to people on the shore and the other is for boatmen in charge of taking people out on the water

Caravan sites

You cannot use land as a caravan site unless you have a licence, you may also need planning permission. There are some exemptions:

  • Incidental use within the boundary of a dwelling house and sites approved by certain organisations (such as caravan club)
  • Building and engineering sites
  • Travelling show-people sites
  • Sites occupied by us

Late night catering

A licence for the sale of food and refreshment between 11pm and 5am

Markets and car boot sales

These can include antique and craft fairs, farmers markets and continental markets. Exemptions are markets held by charitable, religious, political, youth and community groups or markets solely for livestock, fodder or grain.

Metal dealers

If you deal in or process metal you need a licence. If you do this door to door you need an itinerant metal dealers licence.

Non domestic knife dealers

It is a criminal offence to deal in knives or swords without a licence.

Second hand motor dealers

Sex shops

If you sell sex articles, toys, books, and films you need a licence

Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs)

With effect from 1 January 2023, all premises used for the purposes of sexual entertainment in Dumfries and Galloway shall require to be licensed in accordance with the provisions of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.  

Please contact Licensing by email for an application form.

Skin piercing, tattooing, acupuncture and electrolysis

Street trading

You need a licence to clean wheeled bins or to sell hot or cold food for immediate consumption. Permission from the landowner or highways department and an inspection from Environmental Standards is also required.

Betting and gaming

If you run a from bingo hall, casino, betting shop, adult gaming centres, family entertainment centres or have a gaming machines you need a licence from us.

Small society lotteries

We grant a licence for a small society lottery if ticket sales for one event do not exceed £20,000. Ticket sales must also not exceed £250,000 in one year.

Above these limits your society may need to be licensed with the Gambling Commission instead.

Window cleaners


Public Charitable Collections

An application for permission should be submitted by the organiser of the collection not later than 1 month before the date of the collection. Exempt organisations do not require permission but should notify the Licensing Service of their intention to collect, giving dates and locations, at least 3 months in advance.

Taxi and private hire

Page last updated: 05/04/2024
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