Isle of Whithorn Harbour

The harbour lies at the south-east extremity of the Machars peninsula and is supervised by a part time Harbour Master, there is no active management of vessel movements.

Mariner notices

On occasion we will publish notices to let mariners know of any information, safety issues or conditions that may have an effect on the use of and access to the harbour.

We advise mariners to check for any active mariner notices in advance to using the harbour.

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Isle of Whithorn Harbour is second only to Kirkcudbright in terms of commercial fishing importance. Pleasure craft regularly moor in the harbour and Wigtown Bay Sailing Club are based here.

Nautical Information

Latitude / Longitude: 54º 41' 54" / 04º 21' 48" W
Admiralty Charts: 1411, 1121, 1826, and 2094
Imray: C62
Berthing/Moorings: 220m / 85

Tidal range and depth

Springs: 6.2metres maximum
Neaps: 3.3 metres maximum

The harbour is exposed to the south and southerly gales drive a swell into the beach north of the pier. There can be significant currents in the approach depending upon the tide in the Solway Firth.


Isle of Whithorn has a shop, post office, hotel, bowling green and church. Fuel is not available.

Harbour Empowerment Order

Dumfries and Galloway Council hold an Empowerment Order for Isle of Whithorn Harbour. This order allows us to legally improve, maintain and manage the harbour.


Harbour Master - Weekdays 08:30-16:00 Call: 07341 999686

General Enquiries, weekdays 16:00-08:30 and weekends Call: 030 33 33 3000


Harbour Row, Isle of Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway (view on google maps)


Page last updated: 03/04/2024
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