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Kirkcudbright Harbour

Kirkcudbright Harbour is the busiest commercial fishing harbour in Dumfries and Galloway with much of the landed catch being processed locally.

Latitude / Longitude: 54º 50' 18" N / 04º 03' 24" W
Admiral Charts: 1344,1346,1121,1826 and 2094
Imray: C62
Berthing/Moorings: 163m / 66

Notice to Mariners - 22 Feburary 20187 - Dredging Operations

Weather permitting dredging operations will take place during the following periods:

Sunday 18 March 1702 to 2102

Monday 19 March 0521 to 0921 and 1737 to 2137

Tuesday 20 March 0555 to 0955 and 1812 to 2212

Wednesday 21 March 0630 to 1030

As usual the work will be carried out over Low water periods by land based excavators. Vessels should contact the Harbour Master for permission to berth over Low Water during this period.

Notice to Mariners - 6 June 2017 - VHF procedures

The harbour has a fixed VHF station along with a portable VHF and a VHF on harbour workboat Gordon B. VHF Procedures are set out below

  • Kirkcudbright Harbour Office maintains a listening watch on VHF Channel 16 during working hours
  • The Kirkcudbright working channel is VHF Channel 12
  • At times the Kirkcudbright Harbour operates a workboat call sign 'Gordon B' and can be contacted on the same VHF channels

The Harbour Office is not permanently manned, the Harbour Master can be contacted by mobile phone on 07709 479663.

Notice to Mariners - 10 May 2017 - shoal depths

Shoal depths have been observed immediately North East of No13 buoy (Seaward Corner) and immediately South of No26 buoy opposite the marina. Mariners are advised to navigate with extra caution in these areas.


The Quay, harbour office and Pontoon Marina lies on the River Dee below Kirkcudbright Bridge. The pontoon Marina itself, can accommodate up to 50 small craft. Access to the marina is restricted to users only.

Harbour tidal range and depth

Springs 0.8 - 7.5 metres
Neaps 2.4 - 5.9 metres

The fishing vessels which can use the quay have drafts typically of 2.5 to 4.5 meters and take the ground for 2-3 hours either side of low water. Smaller vessels with a draft up to 2 meters can be accommodated at the marina. Care is needed when berthing as tidal streams can be very strong.


Power, water and fuel supplies are provided on the town Quay and Marina.  Toilets and showers are also available at the Marina.

The Town of Kirkcudbright itself offers a range of shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and banks. Leisure facilities, including a swimming pool, golf course, bowling green and tennis courts are available along with art galleries.

Apply for a berth/mooring


Harbour Master - Will Jones
Call 07709479663

General enquiries
Call 01557 331135 or 07771678824

Page last updated: 14/03/2018
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