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Fishing in Dumfries

We manage fishing on the Nith and Cairn in Dumfries Burgh. Restrictions apply.


Dumfries Burgh waters extend for 8 miles but most fishing activity takes place on:

  • River Cairn - 400 yards above Newbridge to the River Nith
  • River Nith - 300 yards above Martinton Bridge to the estuary

The Nith has about 20 named pools and the Cairn about 15. The mix of pools is suitable for fly, spinning and worming.


  • Sea trout - 25 February to 30 November 
  • Brown trout - 15 March to 6 October
  • Salmon - 1 April to 30 November (except Sundays)
  • Grayling - 1 December to 24 February 

Regulations and restrictions

Regulations are included on our application form.

We have also adopted the Nith Conservation Policy (previously the Angling Code).

A condition of the fishing ticket is for the return of all catch data. this helps support the collection of data for conservation.


Permits are available from:


Current prices for fishing permits in Dumfries
 AdultJuniorEasy Access
Season ticket - Nithsdale resident£132.50£6.00£66.50
Season ticket - visitor£200.00£6.00-
Weekly ticket - Nithsdale resident£66.50£6.00-
Weekly ticket - visitor£100.00£6.00-
Daily ticket - Nithsdale resident£30.00£6.00Free
(maximum of 1 per week)
Daily ticket - visitor special
(until 31 August)
Daily ticket - visitor
(from 1 September)
Trout/Grayling ticket - Sunday ticket
(until 30 November)
Grayling only - including Sunday fishing
(November until February)

Residents of Nithsdale may be eligible for an 'Easy Access' concession if they can provide evidence that they meet any of the eligibility criteria. You must be:

  • in receipt of Job Seeker Allowance (income based)
  • in receipt of Income Support
  • in receipt of Universal Credit
  • aged over 60
  • a full time student
  • in receipt of Carers Allowance
  • in receipt of Employment Support Allowance
  • registered disabled
  • in receipt of Disability Living Allowance
  • in receipt of Attendance Allowance
  • in receipt of Personal Independence Payment
  • in receipt of Working Tax Credits
  • in receipt of Bereavement Allowance
  • in receipt of Widowed Parent's Allowance
  • Armed Forces personnel
  • a military veteran

Call 030 33 33 3000 or email for further information.

Page last updated: 25/02/2020
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