Street or property names and numbers

We're responsible for allocating street names and numbers to developments in Dumfries and Galloway.

New street names and property numbers

Developers should apply for a street name as soon as they have construction consent. Names (and reasons for the choices) can be suggested but the final decision lies with the appropriate Area Committee.

The main consideration is that street names aren't the same as other streets in the same area. We'll carry out consultation with relevant councillors and the local community council (if there is one) before taking the decision to committee.

All new properties will also require a number except in exceptional circumstances. The cost of a new application for house numbering is £40 and your application won't be processed until payment has been received.

If a property is being subdivided then an application must be made and properties must be numbered with a letter suffix. For example, 16 would become 16A and 16B.

Changing street names and property numbers

It is sometimes necessary to rename streets or renumber buildings. For example, changes may be required to accommodate new properties in a street or existing names and numbers might be causing confusion.

The opinions of existing residents will be taken into account and Royal Mail will also be consulted. The process can be time consuming and possibly disruptive so we'd always carefully consider whether there are obvious benefits beforehand.

Naming properties

A property can be allocated a name if it is unique to the area. If the property has already been allocated a number then it must remain part of the official address. You must tell us if there are changes to a property name that's part of the official address.

Page last updated: 30/05/2018
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