Apply for a building warrant

You need a building warrant if you're planning to build, alter, extend or demolish a building. Work can't start until a warrant has been approved.

This building warrant process allows us to check the work you're planning meets building regulations.

It's an offence to begin work which requires a building warrant without obtaining permission. We may take enforcement action (including issuing fines) and it could also cause problems when selling a property.

How to apply

Apply for a warrant using the Scottish Government's eBuilding Standards website. Applications for our region are sent to us automatically and processed as normal.

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Submit an application online

You'll need to provide:

  • contact details
  • details of the proposed works
  • one set of plans clearly illustrating the proposed works
  • the relevant fee

The plans accompanying your application require to be fully detailed, and prepared by someone with the appropriate skills and technical expertise eg, Architect or Architectural Technologist, Chartered Surveyor, Civil/structural engineer or similar. Poor quality drawings are likely to result in a delay in obtaining your building warrant. The document Making a Quality Building Warrant Application - What you need to know offers some further guidance


Building Warrant fees relate to the "value" of the work you're proposing. We have published a fees table which is recommended for normal building warrant applications:

You can also use the Scottish Government's fee calculator to work out what your application will cost:

You should apply normal market costs when you're calculating the value of your project rather than any discounted costs you might be able to achieve. The value should be assessed on the basis that commercial contractors have undertaken the project. For example, the estimated value of the building work should still include a fair assessment of labour costs even if it's a self-build project and labour is unpaid.


Due to the office closures, we regret we are unable to accept the following payment methods until further notice:

  • Cheque Payments
  • Telephone Payments
  • BACS

Payment can be made either by the Scottish Government's eDevelopment portal or by the Pay it section of

We will only be accepting new building warrants or amended drawings via the Scottish Government's eDevelopment portal.

What happens next

We aim to process your application and provide a technical response within 20 working days. We'll contact you to discuss timescales for larger or more complex applications.

We'll keep in contact throughout the process so you know what's happening at all times. We try to resolve any issues with you as the application is processed. You'll receive approval with a documented set of plans once we're satisfied that the plans comply with current regulations.

Warrants are usually valid for three years and you need to apply for an extension if you've started the works but not completed them in this time. You must apply for an extension before the warrant expires.

You'll need to submit a completion certificate to us for acceptance once you're satisfied all the building work is complete. This certificate confirms you're happy that the work was completed in line with the plans and specifications approved by a building warrant. We'll send an acceptance or advise you if further action is required.

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Page last updated: 29/02/2024
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