Prices at leisure facilities

You can pay as you go at all of our leisure facilities.

 JuniorAdultOver 60
Fitness class (60 minutes)-£6.00£6.00
Fitness class (45 minutes)-£4.50£4.50
Fitness class (30 minutes)-£3.40£3.40
Prime Movers-£3.20£3.20
Gym / fitness suite£3.90£6.30£3.90
Fitness suite induction-£14.60£14.60
Health suite-£6.00-
Health suite
plus swim or gym
Sports hall (1 court)£8.30£11.00-
Sports hall (2 courts)£16.60£22.00-
Sports hall (3 courts)£24.90£33.00-
Sports hall (4 courts)£33.20£44.00-
Sports hall (5 courts)£41.50£55.00-
Sports hall (6 courts)£49.80£66.00-
Dance studio / gymnasium£21.00£40.00-
Tennis court£4.50        £8.00                -                   

We also offer a number of membership packages to suit your fitness requirements.

Page last updated: 08/05/2019
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