Building standards

Building regulations are in place to make sure that buildings are safe. We're responsible for checking that buildings in the region meet Scottish standards.

The building standards system in Scotland is established by the Building (Scotland) Act 2003. The Act gives powers to Scottish Ministers to create building regulations and other supporting legislation to fulfil the purposes of the Act.

We administer and enforce building regulations by:

  • providing advice on building regulations
  • reviewing plans for proposed building work and issuing permission to start
  • inspecting sites during building work
  • checking completed work meets standards
  • investigating reports of dangerous buildings and taking action to safeguard people

Before you start

You generally need a building warrant if you intend to build, alter, extend or demolish a building. Some types of work are exempt though. We can provide written confirmation that the work you intend to carry out is exempt from the building regulations or doesn't require a warrant if needed.

Check which work requires a building warrant

It's an offence to commence work which requires building warrant approval without first obtaining the relevant permission.

Apply for a building warrant

Warrants are usually valid for three years and you need to apply for an extension if you've started the works but not completed them in this time.

After the work is completed

You're required to submit a completion certificate to us for acceptance once you're satisfied that all work covered by a building warrant is complete and meets the relevant building regulations.

Submit a completion certificate

You need to apply for a certificate or inspection if you've carried out work without a valid building warrant (including when a warrant has expired). We can provide written confirmation that the work you've carried out is exempt from the building regulations or doesn't require a warrant if needed.

Warrant applications and notices

Use our online register to check for applications and warrants or see notices we've issued about dangerous buildings. The records online go back to 1 January 1996.

Further information and advice

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Page last updated: 16/09/2022
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