Council tax -
annual notices being issued

Council priorities

Four priorities have been agreed by us covering the most important areas of our services.

The commitments we make are centred on building the economy across the region and improving the lives of the people who live here.

The priorities are to:

Build the local economy

  • Improve the level of skills within our communities and workforce
  • Support our small and medium sized businesses to be established and grow
  • Invest in our key infrastructure
  • Provide an attractive location to do business

Provide the best start in life for all our children

  • Ensure early intervention, in particular to keep our region's most vulnerable children safe
  • Invest in creating schools fit for the 21st century which are at the heart of our communities
  • Raise ambition and attainment, in particular to address inequalities
  • Support children to be healthy and active

Protect our most vulnerable people

  • Tackle the causes and effects of inequality and poverty
  • Help older or vulnerable people live healthy and independent lives
  • Ensure older or vulnerable people receive the care and support they need
  • Keep our communities safe

Be an inclusive council

  • Ensure that local people and communities are at the heart of our decision making
  • Empower our communities to make the most of their assets
  • Increase equality of opportunity

Priorities, progress and performance

Page last updated: 14/11/2017
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