Insurance claims

You can make a claim against the council if you've suffered personal injury, property damage or financial loss and believe we've been negligent. There is no automatic right to compensation and it's your responsibility to prove we've been negligent.

Make a claim

You need to provide:

  • personal details
  • details of the incident (circumstances, date/time, exact location)
  • details of your injury/loss/damage
  • supporting evidence (receipts, photographs or repair estimates)
  • contact details of any witnesses

The form must be completed in full or it'll be returned to you and will delay a decision being made on your claim.

What happens next

We can't say how long a decision will take because each claim is different but they all follow the same process. We will:

  1. let you know we've received your claim
  2. ask the relevant department to investigate
  3. send your claim and our response to our insurers
  4. ask our insurers to make an independent decision

Our insurers will contact you when they have your claim. We're not involved in the decision and you should speak directly to the insurers at this stage.

Challenge a decision

You can challenge the decision on your claim with the insurer if you're not satisfied. We'll have no say in the insurer's decision.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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