Service standards for Development Management

Planning staff are committed to providing a high standard of service to customers. A series of service standards and performance targets have been developed which are regularly reviewed and monitored.

Customer survey

We continually review customer feedback to improve the service we offer. Your views are an important and you can provide comments by completing a short survey:

Customer Charter

The Development Management Customer Charter sets out the core visions and values of the service. It provides details of the services we offer, the standards we should adhere to, and our measurable performance targets:

The Development Management Customer Guidance Note supplements our Customer Charter. It provides more detailed guidance on what level of service you can expect to receive as an applicant or agent and as a third party:

Some of the service standards set out in these documents have been affected by the changes to our pre-application enquiry service introduced on 3 April 2018. These documents will be updated to reflect these changes in due course.

Planning Performance Framework

We are required to submit a performance report for the Planning service to the Scottish Government each year. The report covers our performance against key outcomes and details future service improvements.

Planning Enforcement Charter

Our Planning Enforcement Charter explains how the planning enforcement process works, our role and the service standards we've set ourselves.

The aim of this Charter is to ensure that adopted procedures are fair and reasonable, and that interested parties are kept informed and are made aware of what is required.

Page last updated: 01/08/2023
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