Planning decisions

We aim to make decisions on valid local planning applications within two months.

Process for decisions

We approve (sometimes with conditions) or refuse applications after we've:

  • visited the site. A site visit will only be undertaken where it is essential. The case officer will work with you on alternative ways of obtaining the information we need to deal with the application. It would be helpful to submit photographs of the site and surrounding area in your application submission.
  • considered comments
  • consulted planning guidance

A planning officer usually makes a decision on your application but in some cases it may be up to a council committee. This process is set by a Scheme of Delegation:

Public Speaking Guidance Note

Decision notices

We notify you (or your agent) of our decision. Other interested parties can:

Search applications and view decisions

Appeals and reviews

You have a right to challenge a decision in certain circumstances. However, there is no right of appeal against planning decisions for objectors.

Page last updated: 10/11/2023
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