What needs planning permission

Planning permission is generally required for new buildings, major alterations to existing buildings and to change the use of buildings or land. Always check if you need to apply for planning permission before starting any work.

Work that may not need planning permission

  • Some work is not classed as development and does not require planning permission, this includes:
  • Works that only affect the inside of a building
  • Minor alterations that don't materially affect the external alteration of a building
  • Works for the maintenance or improvement of a road
  • Works for inspecting, repairing or renewing utilities infrastructure
  • Use of any buildings or the land immediately surrounding it that is directly associated with or related to that use (such as gardening or for non-commercial purposes)
  • Use of land for agriculture or forestry
  • Demolition of a building under instruction from the Scottish Government

Permitted Development Rights

Some types of building work and development don't need permission as long as they are within defined thresholds. This is called permitted development.

Short term Lets

Guidance has been produced to advise on how the Planning Authority will determine if planning permission is required for a short term let.

Submitting a Permitted Development Enquiry

If you want informal written advice, you should submit a Permitted Development Enquiry. Please note that there is a charge for this service.

Once we have received your completed permitted development enquiry and fee, we will acknowledge it and inform you of the planning officer dealing with your enquiry. If you have any queries throughout the process, these should be directed to your planning officer. The direct contact details of the officer can be found at the top of your acknowledgement letter.

Once the Planning Officer has assessed your enquiry, you will receive a written response.

You can apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness for a Proposed Use or Development  if you want formal confirmation that your proposals don't require planning permission. The fee for this will be higher and the decision will take longer than the above service, but may be required if, for example, you are selling a property.

Important: Please note that even if you do not require planning permission, a Building Warrant may be required. Building Warrants are also sometimes required alongside Planning Permission.

Duty Officer

The Planning Authority offers a Duty Officer Service which is available by telephone between 10am and 12.30pm Tuesday and Thursday only. Please call 01387 260199. The Duty Officer will not be available outside of these times. A limited service is available and it best to contact us with your enquiry by email to planning@dumgal.gov.uk or by submitting a formal pre application enquiry.

A Duty Officer will not be available to be seen at the Council's reception without a pre-arranged appointment. A pre-booked appointment must be made prior to visiting the reception.

Pre Application Enquiries

Once you know that planning permission is required, we can provide advice on whether a development is likely to be approved or not before submitting an application.

Find out more about requesting planning advice

Further Information 

Contact the Planning Pre Application Officer:

Page last updated: 03/08/2023
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