Planning advice and enquiries

You can ask us for general planning advice, find out if planning permission is likely to be approved or make a more formal enquiry about a major development before submitting an application.

Planning pre-application enquiries

Please see the attached guidance note below on how to submit a planning pre application enquiry. Pre application enquiries must me made using the form below and can only be submitted (along with the relevant documents) electronically to

Duty Officers

There will be no duty officers available and we will only be able to respond to electronic queries submitted to

Do I need planning permission?

Find out if you need planning permission before submitting a planning application.

Submitting a planning application without pre-application advice

You are strongly advised to read the relevant development management practice notes below:

As all planning applications are decided on the basis of land allocations and policies within the Local Development Plan 2, the Plan can be viewed here.   Supplementary guidance provides more detail than it is possible to include in the plan, supplementary guidance can be found here  Supplementary Guidance

You're advised to investigate the planning contraints and planning history for your site before applying.

Other sources of support

Planning applications we receive are assessed against land allocations and policies within the Local Development Plan 2 which sets out a vision for how Dumfries and Galloway will look in 20 years time and describes where development will take place and where it will not.

PAS offers a free, impartial and confidential planning advice service, provided by specialist volunteers, all of whom are chartered planners. PAS helps individuals and community groups to get involved in the planning system in an impartial, open and inclusive way.

The Architects Registration Board is an independent body which regulates architects in the UK. You can search their register to find genuine and qualified architects in your area:

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These updates will not provide information on specific applications, you should register on our planning system if you want to track applications and receive alerts about new applications.

Page last updated: 23/11/2022
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