Bulky waste collection

You can pay us to collect and dispose of large items or lots of waste from your home that won't fit in your bin such as sofas, garden waste, bikes and mattresses.

It costs £13.95 for us to collect up to 3 bulky items or 10 bags.

What we'll collect

You can use the bulky uplift service to dispose of:

  • old and unusable furniture (such as sofas, bed frames, mattresses or wardrobes)
  • bathroom suites (such as baths and sinks)
  • garden waste
  • other large household and garden items (such as sheds)
  • other large metal items (such as garage doors and radiators)
  • washing machines 
  • cookers 
  • tumble dryers 
  • microwaves

You will be advised that a quote by Waste Officer will be required due to the size and types of items needing to be collected and disposed.

Carpets should be cut into manageable sizes for ease of uplift or placed into sacks.  

What we can't collect

The bulky uplift service isn't suitable for:

We also offer a separate service for:

Double check we can uplift the items you want to get rid of when making a request.

Alternative option

If you have large items at home that you no longer need and are still in good condition, you can have them collected by an organisation listed on the Zero Waste Scotland Reuse Tool.  This is a free service but you will need to check with the organisations which items they will collect.

Request a collection

  • Call 030 33 33 3000 and pay by credit or debit card

Please note that we are unable to offer refunds should you cancel your bulky uplift less than 5 days before scheduled uplift day.

Collection days

We'll let you know which day your items will be uplifted so that you can have them ready for collection. You need to put the items at your usual waste collection point by 7.30am on the day we're coming. 

We can't offer any help to carry large items from your home to the collection point.

If your general waste is collected from road end you may be asked to present bulky uplifts at this point also due to access issues for our collection vehicles.

Page last updated: 19/08/2022
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