Registering a stillbirth

You need to register a stillbirth which took place in Scotland within 21 days. You can register at any registration office in Scotland by making an appointment.

Who can register a stillbirth

Either parent can register a stillbirth if they are married.

The child's mother will need to register a stillbirth if the parents are not married. The father has to be there if his name is going to be added to the entry.

In certain situations, the stillbirth can be registered by:

  • a relative of the mother
  • a relative of the father (if the parents are married)
  • the occupier of the premises in which the stillbirth took place
  • any person present at the stillbirth

How to register a stillbirth

You should make an appointment at one of our registration offices by calling 030 33 33 3000.

You'll need to bring a few things along to your appointment with the registrar:

  • a certificate of stillbirth from a doctor or midwife (or a signed declaration)
  • your name(s)
  • your date(s) of birth
  • your marriage certificate (if appropriate)

Documents we'll provide

We will issue a certificate of registration which you should give to the person in charge of the cemetery or crematorium.

You can also request a stillbirth certificate.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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