Annual council tax notices -
You should receive your annual council tax notice during March. You can pay your bill by Direct Debit, online, by telephone or in person.

Copies of registration certificates

You can purchase additional copies of certificates for births, deaths, marriages or civil partnerships from us.


You'll have to pay a fee for your certificate:

  • At registration or within one month of registering - £10
  • When showing an original - £10
  • All other copies - £15

There is a £5 charge for replacements sent by post.

Information required

You need to give us a few details:

  • Birth certificates - the child's full name, the date of birth, the place of birth and the mother's maiden surname.
  • Death certificates - the deceased person's full name, the date of death and the place of death.
  • Marriage certificates - the full names of both parties, the date of marriage and place of marriage.
  • Civil partnership certificates - the full names of both partners, the date of partnership and the place of partnership.

Request a certificate

You can:

Contact the National Records of Scotland to request a copy of a birth certificate for someone who was adopted.

Page last updated: 26/09/2017
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