Change in address or circumstances for benefits

You need to tell us if there is a change in your address or other circumstances because it could affect your entitlement to benefits.

Your benefits may need to be reviewed if your circumstances change. We need to know if you change address and if there are other changes to your household or your household income, investments or savings.

Examples of changes you need to tell us about include:

  • having a child
  • getting married, separated or divorced
  • children leaving school or finishing full-time education
  • starting or ending work
  • selling a property
  • earnings (including overtime, bonus or commission) changing
  • entitlement to any benefits starts or ends
  • going into or leaving hospital

Tell us about a change

You should always let us know if your address or circumstances change for any reason.

Report a change of address

Report another change of circumstances

You can also:

Page last updated: 29/10/2019
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