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Representation on the proposed LDP2

Use our online form to help you set out representations that you would like to make about the Proposed Plan, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report, draft Action Programme and a number of draft supplementary guidance documents.

Your representation is the opportunity to comment on aspects of the Proposed Plan and accompanying documents that you would like to seek a change to and/or see retained, including reasons why. Representations will be considered by the Reporter appointed by Scottish Government at the public examination of the Proposed Plan.

Representations can be submitted until 4pm on Monday 30 April. Only comments received before this date/time will be accepted.

A separate form should be submitted for each separate representation. There are no restrictions on the number of representations that you may submit. If you need more room to make your comments additional sheets should be added to the form as necessary.


  1. Complete your name and address and, if you are representing an organisation, the name of that organisation. If you are an agent please also provide your client’s details. Your representations will not be treated as confidential. However, your contact details, apart from your name/organisation, will not be made public.
  2. Your details
  3. If you are an agent - client details:
Page last updated: 09/03/2018
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