Thursday - Employment - Help and Advice to get into Work

Are you looking for a new start, facing redundancy or struggling to get a job? We know that a huge number of people within our region may be facing difficult choices due to the end of the Furlough Scheme and the overall effect of the Covid 19 Pandemic on local businesses.


(Please note: The 1st video is from CPW2020 but all the content is still relative for CPW2021)

Thursday - Employability Factsheet >> [PDF - 142KB]

Thursday - SDS Newsletter with links to Videos >> [PDF - 742KB]

But there are services who are ready to help you, no matter what age or employment history you have. With advice on the Benefits which you will be entitled too while you look for work, support to access funding to retrain to gain a new qualification which will help you to gain your dream job or if you need help to overcome any barriers to you access employment, our Factsheets and Video's above will highlight all of the services which you can contact at this time.

Please don't hesitate to call - the sooner you make that call, the sooner you will start to get the help that will make your life better.

Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is Scotland's national skills body. They contribute to Scotland's sustainable economic growth by supporting people and businesses to develop and apply their skills. They work with partners throughout our Region to provide services that deliver the very best outcomes for Scotland's people, businesses and the economy.

Please click on the Skills Development Scotland Newsletter for all of the details of the services which are available and also to view their range of video's which highlight how they can help you.

Job Loss and Unemployment Stress

While the stress of losing a job can seem overwhelming, there are many things you can do to take control of the situation, maintain your spirits, and find a renewed sense of purpose.

Whether you've been laid off, downsized, forced to take early retirement, or seen contract work dry up, losing your employment is one of life's most stressful experiences. Aside from the obvious financial anguish it can cause, the stress of losing a job can also take a heavy toll on your mood, relationships, and overall mental and emotional health.

Our jobs are often more than just the way we make a living. They influence how we see ourselves, as well as the way others see us. Even if you didn't love your job, it likely provided you a social outlet and gave a structure, purpose, and meaning to your life. Suddenly finding yourself out of work can leave you feeling hurt, angry, or depressed. You might be questioning your identity, grieving all that you've lost, or feeling anxious about what the future holds.

Depending on the circumstances of your unemployment, you may feel betrayed by your employer, powerless over the direction of your life, or blame yourself for some perceived shortcoming or mistake. The stress and worry can feel overwhelming. But no matter how bleak things seem right now, there is hope. With time and by developing new coping techniques, you can come to terms with these setbacks, ease your stress and anxiety, and move on with your working life.

For more advice including coping techniques if you are facing this situation, please click on the link below:

Job Loss and Unemployment Stress -

Page last updated: 05/08/2022
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