Friday - Home, Fuel, Digital Connectivity and Period Dignity

Our Challenge Poverty Week 2021 Webpage for today contains a range of support and advice for anyone who may be struggling with a range of issues which we know may affect anyone facing poverty at this time.

We are covering all of the below today and please take the time to click on the Factsheets which highlight all of the support available and how to access this so that you can reach the organisations who are ready and waiting to support you.

It just takes that one call or one e-mail and you will begin to get the help that you need.


Friday - DAGCAS Fuel Top-Up >> [PDF - 1MB]

Friday - Digital Connectivity Factsheet >> [PDF - 170KB]

Friday - Fuel Poverty Factsheet >> [PDF - 141KB]

Friday - Housing Homelessness Support >> [PDF - 99KB]

Friday - Period Dignity Project Factsheet >> [PDF - 118KB]

Housing and Homelessness

Are you in danger of losing your home, facing eviction or need help and advice on how to sustain your tenancy? Dumfries and Galloway Council have wide ranging support which can be accessed via various channels to give you the lifeline that you need and the support which will help you at this challenging time. An Officer from our Dumfries and Galloway Welfare and Housing Options Support Team and our Temporary Accommodation and Community Wellbeing Officer have recorded detailed video's highlight the support on offer and how this can be accessed. Our detailed Factsheet gives detailed information on the range of support services which are available and all of the contact information so that you can reach the right services for your needs.

We know that losing your home is one of the most devasting events which can happen to anyone and we have dedicated support to help you - please get in touch as soon as you can and we will help you in anyway that we can.

Fuel Poverty

We know that Fuel Poverty is on the rise and that many people will be struggling and worried with the winter fast approaching on how they will cover the costs of heating their homes. You may want more information on the Winter Fuel Payments and Grants which are available, help to top up your meters or to support you if you have issues with your energy providers or if you simply need help and advice on how to reduce your bills.

We also have advice on an additional project which is now being delivered by Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service which has been specifically designed for private rented sector tenants. Full detailed are included on the DAGCAS Fuel Top Up Scheme Flyer.

The detailed Factsheet on all of the help and support and the contact details for each of the organisations who can make a difference are highlighted to ensure that you know who to go to for help at this time. Whatever you need help with, the organisations and contact details are highlighted for you to give them a call today. Taking the worry away from your fuel bill will make a huge difference to your life and that of your family.

Digital Connectivity

The Covid 19 Pandemic brought home the need for us all to have access to digital devices but we still want to reach more people within our Region who don't have any access yet to digital devices which will keep them in touch with their loved ones and help them to complete essential daily tasks. Details are provided for organisations on how to access funding to allocate devices to those in need as well as where to access help as an individual. Also included is information on how to become a Digital Champion - these are desperately needed at this time and if you have any spare hours and want to help those in need, this might just be the right time to fund out more.

Period Dignity Project

Dumfries & Galloway Council together with the Scottish Government offer an online Period Dignity Project which can be accessed by anyone who is struggling to cover the costs of these essential supplies. Deliveries are made on a monthly basis to residents home address and amendments can be made to the orders at any time. The link to the webpages and further information is available today on our webpage.


Page last updated: 08/10/2021
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