Road Safety

Information on road safety, including advice on abnormal loads, timber transport, marches/parades and road occupation permits.

  • Image of vehicles on the A76 A76 Partnership - Five Point Action Plan
    A76 Dumfries to Kilmarnock trunk road - Five Point Action Plan published
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  • Abnormal Loads
    A haulier who intends to move an abnormal load such as gross weight exceeding 40 tonnes or more must notify and gain consent from the Police or the Council. The local Roads offices can advise on the suitability of the roads themselves e.g. poor alignments or width limitations.
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  • Consent to Construct or Extend a Road
    Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 states a person other than a Roads Authority who wishes to construct a new road or an extension of an existing road shall before commencing such construction obtain Road Construction Consent (RCC).
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  • Dumfries and Galloway Road Safety Partnership
    Dumfries and Galloway Road Safety Partnership brings together partner organisations from across the region with one aim: to reduce the number of people who are killed or injured on the roads in Dumfries and Galloway.
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  • Road Markings and Signage
    Find information on Road Markings and Signage.
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  • Road permits
    If you propose to carry out works on or to occupy part of a road (i.e. carriageway, footway, footpath or cycle path etc) for skips, scaffolding and hoarding purposes, there is a requirement under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 to obtain permission from the Council. This is done by applying for the relevant permit.
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  • Timber transport
    28% of Dumfries and Galloway is covered with woods and forests. The region is a major timber producing area harvesting 30% of Scotland's homegrown timber annually.
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