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Last Updated: 19/03/2018 13:37:19

A709, Dumfries – Lockerbie ,
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 17:02

Our Council constantly monitors our roads throughout the region and repairs and upgrades them accordingly.


Major road works are scheduled to take place on part of the A709, the road running from Torthorwald to Dumfries, from 9am on Saturday 14th October through to 5pm on Monday 23rd October.


Because of the nature and scale of the works needed, this will require a road closure between the C7 Catherinefield Road/A709 Roundabout for a length of approximately 750m, stopping short of the layby  south west  of the C8 Low Road junction. More importantly, the closure is needed to meet safety requirements for the workforce.


Diversions will be in place during the closure, the main diversion for HGV’s plus other traffic will be from Lockerbie via the A709, B7076 (All-purpose Route ) , A701, A75 and vice versa. Local diversion will also in place at Lochmaben via B7020, A701 and A75 and vice versa.


The work itself includes removing part of the old road to reduce the overall weight. The remaining element will then be pulverised and recycled, a grid will then be placed on top of the recycled road to provide strength and flexibility. Finally a new wearing coat will be applied using a new innovating product called MacRebur. This new road surface is something that we are trialling at various locations across the region, the product incorporates recycled plastic pellets into asphalt which in turn results is a greener, stronger running surface.


Signage will be installed in advance of the works to inform road users when the works will commence. Appropriate signage will also be installed to cater for businesses affected by this closure.

Page last updated: 12/12/2017
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