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Last Updated: 21/06/2018 08:52:51

Newton Stewart Recycling Centre
Thursday, 17 April 2014 10:45
A new household waste and recycling centre is currently being built at Barnkirk, Newton Stewart. 
The opening date of the centre has been reviewed as it was originally planned to be open in early April and work is continuing to ensure the centre can operate effectively.

The construction and installation of equipment is progressing with all surfacing, fencing and drainage now complete. Lighting is currently being installed which will be needed when the centre is open in the autumn and winter months. Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are also being installed. These cameras will help to monitor site usage, security and to identify the disposal of non-household waste. The centre is licenced to accept household waste only and no commercial or industrial waste can be accepted at the centre.

Five of the recycling containers have been delivered to the site and an additional fifteen containers are due by the end of April. There will also be signage installed to help show householders which containers to use for different types of waste.

Arrangements for resources to manage the centre are being finalised which include staff needed for site operations. Once the necessary equipment and resources are in place the centre will be opened for householders to use. The Council will advertise the opening date and times in the local press and on the Council website when this date is determined.

Once it is complete, the new centre will be available for householders to recycle a wide range of household items such as garden waste, scrap metal, waste electrical items, plastic bottles and more. The centre will have 20 different containers for sorting items into so that they can be recycled or sent for recovery where possible, rather than sent to landfilled. The centre will play an important role in the management of up to 3,500 tonnes of household waste a year and will treat waste in line with the Scottish Zero Waste policies.
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