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Open consultations


Closing date

Second Phase of Draft Strategic Plan and Locality Plans11 December 2015
Community Safety Survey 2015/1623 December 2015
DAVAWP Strategy and Action Plan 2015-202031 December 2015

Previous consultations


Date closed

Proposals identified from 2-18 Structural Delivery Service Review of Education10 November 2015
Local Development Plan Supplementary Guidance6 November 2015
Enabling Community Empowerment Consultation21 October 2015
Cultural Strategy20 October 2015
Whitesands consultation16 October 2015
Proposal to establish a new 2 - 18 Campus for North West Dumfries7 October 2015
Survey of community councils30 September 2015
School meals22 September 2015
Local gambling licences16 September 2015
Proposal to close St Peter's RC Primary School14 September 2015
Strategic Plan for Health and Social Care Integration28 August 2015
Community Learning and Development Strategic Plan consultation14 July 2015
Local Development Plan Supplementary Guidance10 July 2015
North West Dumfries Participatory Appraisal2 July 2015
Taxi and Private Hire proposals in Dumfries and Galloway12 June 2015
Flood Risk Management plans2 June 2015
Upper Nithsdale Regeneration Charette15 May 2015
Youth Work Nithsdale's Needs Assessment23 May 2015
Local Development Plan Supplementary Guidance8 May 2015
Dumfries and Galloway Draft Integration Scheme6 March 2015
Business Week 2015 Survey13 February 2015
Whitesands project2 February 2015
Active Travel Strategy30 January 2015
Council Budget Proposals23 January 2015
Community Safety23 December 2014
Parental Satisfaction Survey for Schools15 December 2014
DG4community Survey12 December 2014
Dumfries and Galloway Community Survey10 December 2014
Neighbourhood Services customer satisfaction31 October 2014
Survey of Community Councils31 October 2014
Opening hours for Customer Service facilities7 October 2014
Active Travel7 October 2014
Stranraer gateway project4 September 2014
Dock Park User Survey22 August 2014
Taxi and Private Hire Licensing20 August 2014
Dumfries and Galloway Survey for Young People17 August 2014
Stranraer Conservation Area Character Appraisal7 July 2014
Draft Supplementary Guidance - Windermere Road, Annan Masterplan7 July 2014
Protecting Stranraer's heritage - buildings survey27 June 2014
Supporting Learners Service Review23 June 2014
Review of Bus Services in Annandale and Eskdale/Nithsdale13 June 2014
Dumfries and Galloway Open Space Strategy9 June 2014
Surface Water Drainage and Sustainable Drainage Systems9 June 2014
Dumfries and Galloway Council School Meal Questionnaire for Secondary31 May 2014
Dumfries and Galloway Council School Meal Questionnaire for Primary31 May 2014
Loreburn Community Council Proposals30 May 2014
Statutory Consultation on Proposed Closure of Sorbie Primary School18 March 2014
4th Periodic Review of Community Councils - Final Consultation7 February 2014
Community Safety and Antisocial Behaviour24 January 2014
Building the local economy - a consultation17 January 2014
Ewart Customer Services - Proposed Opening Hours10 January 2014

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