Move It On and Move It On Up

Both the Move It On and Move It On Up courses run over three weekly two-hour sessions and are aimed at learners with basic skills. Both courses are ideal for students who have completed our Beginner's Computing course and would like to further their knowledge.

Move It On

What is covered?

Session One

  • Create mailing labels for personal or business use
    Learn how to use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word to produce labels.  Be able to format names and addresses as well as edit your list by changing it, adding to it or reducing it.  Learn how to use your list for envelopes or letters.

Session Two 

  • Create a letter template in Microsoft Word to use for business or personal purposes
    Learn how to produce a customised letter head that can be used time and time again.  Format your text with colour and different font styles, and even create a personal logo to add to your letter head.

Session Three

  • Saving and retrieving your information to and from alternative media
    Learn how to use memory sticks/flash drives and burn information to CD.  Brush up on your file management skills so that you can be confident in accessing your files.

Move It On Up

What is covered?

Session One

  • Create a greeting card using Microsoft Publisher 2007
    Learn how to produce a greetings card using the in built wizards.  Introduce images and clipart, change font and colour schemes and page options, print and save.

Session Two 

  • Create and use a Yahoo e-mail account
    Learn how to use a web based email account using Yahoo mail, send, receive email, attach documents and pictures, and use the in built address book

Session Three

  • Introduction to Firefox an alternative web browser
    Learn how to use the web browser Firefox as an alternative to Internet Explorer, using tabs, setting multiple home pages, using bookmarks, security options and passwords.

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