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Council Armorial Bearings

Heraldic and Non-Heraldic Descriptions of the Council's Armorial Bearings detailing the components which make up the Bearings and explainations of their meanings.

Council Armorial Bearing

Heraldic Description of the Council's Armorial Bearings

Azure, a saltire Argent, surmounted at the fess point by an inescutcheon Gules fimbriated Or, and charged with a lion rampant Argent crowned Or, a bordure counter compony of the First and Second. Above the shield is placed a coronet appropriate to a statutory Area Council (videlicet:- issuant from a circlet eight paling piles (three and two halves visible) Or and eight gards (four visible) of the Last banded Sable); on a compartment below the Shield are set for Supporters, dexter a stag Proper, and sinister, a unicorn Argent, armed maned and unguled Or and gorged with a collar Gules, from which is pendant an oval badge Azure, fimbriated Or, charged with a saltire argent, and in an escrol below the same this Motto "Quinque Uniter".

Non-Heraldic Description

The armorial bearings consist of a shield, coronet and supporters. The shield carries a blue and silver St Andrews cross within a blue and silver border.

The small central shield of red rimmed with gold carries the gold-crowned silver lion of Galloway. The supporters at either side of the shield are a silver Scottish unicorn wearing a red collar with Saltire badge hanging from it and a stag in its natural colours which comes from the arms of Maxwell, Earl of Nithsdale. Above the shield is the coronet common to all Area Councils, made up of eight gold triangles representing paling or fencing and eight golden sheaves of grain tied about the middle with black twine. (On the drawn, two dimensional representation of the armorial bearings only three whole palings and two halves and only four sheaves are visible).

A scroll beneath the shield bears the motto Quinque Uniter (Five into One). Adopted by Dumfries and Galloway Council to symbolise the coming together of the former Regional Council and four District Councils. Quinque Uniter was the motto of Annandale and Eskdale District Council, formed at local government re-organisation in 1975 from the five former Burghs.

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