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Gulls in Dumfries and Heathhall

Gulls are a nuisance in Dumfries and Heathhall. We don't have a statutory duty to take action against gulls but do have some powers to tackle the problem.

Egg and nest removal

We offer gull egg and nest removal free to all properties in Dumfries and Heathhall. The service will run until late July when the gull breeding season comes to an end.

Eggs and nests can only be removed with permission from property owners, occupiers and landlords. Let us know if there are gulls nesting (not just resting or perching) on your roof:

Report nests and incidents

We gather information on the location of nests / incidents in Dumfries and Heathhall.

Stop gulls from nesting

You may be able to reduce or break up colonies of nesting birds by using deterrents. If you own or occupy a building which attracts gulls then you could:

  • fit long spikes to nesting locations such as chimney-stacks
  • fit short spikes to nesting locations such as dormer roofs
  • fit wires or nets to prevent gulls landing

It's against the law to capture, injure or kill gulls and interfere with nests or eggs without a government licence. The use of poisons is specifically prohibited unless licenced and we are particularly keen to discourage shooting of gulls.

Stop gulls from scavenging

Gulls hunt for meals in bins and take food when it is dropped on the ground. You can help reduce the amount of food available and stop them foraging in Dumfries:

  • Do not feed the gulls
  • Keep food out of sight
  • Dispose of your litter properly

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