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Planning Applications

Development Management is the process through which decisions are made on applications for planning permission.

Since 29 April 2009, members of the public and professional agents have been able to submit and pay for planning applications via a government website. Applications made using this website are automatically downloaded to the relevant planning authority where they are processed as normal. However, where applications have been made electronically, all further correspondence may be electronic. The internet address of the application website is www.ePlanning.Scotland.gov.uk This site also provides details of a government helpline that provides all users with support.

As of February 2011, all applications forms, plans and associated documents (decision notices, consultation responses, representations, etc) are available to view through this website by using the ePlanning link below:

ePlanning Application

The process is governed by law and operates within a framework of guidance from Scottish Government, together with policies and advice set out in the Structure Plan and Adopted Local Plans (work has started on a new Local Development Plan which will supersede these plans in due course).

The primary objectives of the Development Management Service are to:

  • Ensure that any development, which involves change to our physical surroundings, is appropriate for its function and location.
  • Give information and advice on planning.
  • Consider planning applications for development and monitor progress.
  • Determine planning applications either under delegated powers or by making a recommendation to the Planning Applications Committee.
  • Where planning permission is refused defend the decision at any subsequent appeal or public inquiry.
  • Investigate breaches of planning control and, if appropriate, take enforcement action.

Development Management functions include the carrying out pre-application discussions, processing applications for planning permission, Listed Building Consent, advertisement consent, etc, in their respective areas. This involves checking that the application contains all the necessary information, visiting the site, carrying out statutory consultations, advising and negotiating with the applicant or agent if necessary, and finally determining the application either under delegated powers or by making a recommendation to the Planning Applications Committee.

Development Management staff are also responsible for preparing statements and evidence for planning appeals and public inquiries, investigating breaches of planning control and, if appropriate, taking enforcement action.

Planning Performance Framework

The Council is required to submit an annual return to the Scottish Government covering the performance of the Planning Service.

  • Planning Applications Register ePlanning
    As of February 2011, all applications forms, plans and associated documents (decision notices, consultation responses, representations, etc) are available to view through ePlanning online.
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  • Applications Types
    Planning Applications made under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Acts can be made in various ways and for various purposes.
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  • General Planning Advice and Pre-Application Enquiries
    One of the primary objectives of the Development Management Service is to give information and advice on planning matters to members of the public.
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  • Planning Application Forms and Guidance
    There are various forms needed to make a planning application. In general there is an application form, a certificate to indicate the ownership situation and guidance notes to assist you to complete the application. There may be other forms depending on the particular situation.
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  • Weekly Planning Lists
    The weekly lists give details of planning applications received. Search Planning Applications either validated or decided in a given week.
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  • Planning Comments
    Any individual, group or organisation can make comments of objection or support for a planning application in the form of a written letter or email.
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  • Planning Decisions
    Our Council makes decisions on whether to approve (with or without conditions) or refuse planning applications for the whole of Dumfries and Galloway. In general, we aim to make a decision within two months of receiving a valid application.
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  • Planning Appeals
    If your planning application has been refused or not determined within the specified statutory time period, or you consider that conditions attached to your planning permission are unreasonable, you can submit an appeal to the Scottish Ministers or seek a review by the Council's Local Review Body, depending on the type of application.
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  • Planning Enforcement
    As an integral part of the Planning system, Planning Enforcement plays an important role in monitoring development and investigating potential breaches of planning control.
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  • Resolving disputes over high hedges
    Our Council act as independent and impartial adjudicators when neighbours are unable to reach an agreement in disputes over a high hedge. We have the power to make and enforce formal decisions on high hedges in these cases.
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