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Council Tax - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on Council Tax.

How can I find out what band my house falls under so I know what my council tax is?
The Assessor (Scottish Assessors Association) carries out valuations on properties, and the council tax you pay depends on which valuation band your property falls into.

How can I pay my Council Tax?
Details of the various methods of payment available are detailed below.

How can my house be valued at 1991 prices when it was not built then?
The council tax band applied to any house is based on an examination of the prices of all comparable houses sold at or about 1 April 1991.

How do I obtain a payment card for Council Tax?
Please contact our Council Tax Hotline 030 33 33 3005

How do I register for council tax?
Please contact our Council Tax Hotline 030 33 33 3005

Why have you sent more than one final notice for council tax to my house?
By law, we must send a copy of the final notice to each of the liable council tax payers within the household. The full account balance is shown on each of these notices.

Why have I received a final notice for council tax asking me to pay the full balance when it is not the end of the year?
The offer to pay your Council Tax by instalments has been withdrawn as you have not paid what was required, therefore you are being asked to pay the full balance for the year.

I have received a final notice on my council tax and cannot afford to pay the amount in full.  Can I make an arrangement to pay by instalments?
Please contact our Council Tax Hotline 030 33 33 3005

I have received a sheriff officers demand for Council Tax?  Who should I contact?
You should contact the Sheriff Officer who acts as the agent for the Council.

I have received a summary warrant for council tax and I am on benefit.  Can I pay directly from my benefit?
Yes, you can pay your council tax directly from your benefit, but only if you are in receipt of Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance. These are the only benefits that we can get direct deductions from.

I have received a summary warrant for Council Tax and there is an extra 10% charge.  What is this for?
This 10% extra on your council tax bill is a statutory charge incurred due to late or non-payment of your bill.  It is added to help cover administration costs.

I have received a summary warrant for Council Tax arrears.  Why?
You will have received a summary warrant for Council Tax arrears if you have failed to pay in accordance with the Final Notice issued previously.

I have received a summary warrant for Council Tax but have had no previous notice from you.  Is this correct?
Before court action - leading to a summary warrant - begins, a notice giving 14 days to pay the full amount would have been issued to you. However, you can ask the council tax team to check this for you.

I own a property and rent it out. Who should advise the Council Tax Office?
As the owner of the property, it is up to you to advise us as to the tenants, otherwise you will be liable to pay the council tax.

I pay my council tax by direct debit.  Can I change the number of months that I pay over?
The normal maximum number of months that you can pay your council tax is 10, although Dumfries & Galloway Council can set up your direct debit payments over 12 months if required..  You can pay over fewer than 10 months.

Why have you sent me a reminder to pay my council tax, when I pay regularly by standing order every month?
Standing orders are not a method of payment accepted by Dumfries & Galloway Council.  You should contact us on 030 33 33 3005 or refer to the payment information below to change your method of payment.

When are the two months that Council Tax is not normally collected?
Providing you pay over ten months and you are up to date with your payments you will not have to pay during February and March.

Where and how can I pay the final notice for my council tax?
Please refer to the information below on how to pay your Council Tax.

Who decides what my council tax band is?
The Assessor carries out valuations on properties and the council tax you pay depends on which valuation band your property falls into.  You can look up which band your property falls into by going to the Scottish Assessors Association website:

Who do I contact to query my water and sewerage charges?
The responsibility for water and sewage charges is with Scottish Water. Please contact Scottish Water by calling 0845 601 8855, visiting their website: Scottish Water or by writing to Scottish Water at PO Box 8855, Edinburgh, EH10 6YQ.

Why do I have to pay council tax when I don't use all the council's services?
The Council Tax is a contribution to the overall provision of services and is not a direct charge based upon usage.

Why have I have received a reminder notice when my council tax payments are up to date?
We send out a reminder 7 days after we expect to have received your council tax payment.  If you have made a payment recently, your payment may not have reached your council tax account when we sent the reminder.  If this is the case, you can ignore the reminder.

Why is council tax only payable over 10 months?
The council tax payment year is over 10 months whereas the charge year is over 12 months. The 10 month payment year allows councils a two month period for preparation and issue of the bills for the next year.

How can I appeal against my Council Tax banding?
The council does not set your council tax band.  This is set by the Assessor, so you should contact them directly Scottish Assessors Association if you wish to appeal against your council tax banding.

What is Council Tax Banding?
All residential properties are assigned a council tax band by the Assessor's Office, based on the estimated value of the property at 1991 prices (even if your property wasn't built then, it is still assessed on 1991 prices).  How much council tax you pay depends upon which council tax band your property falls within.

How do I know how much Council Tax I have to pay?
You should receive your Council Tax bill on an annual basis in March.

What are the banding charges for council tax?
Please refer to the attached link -

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