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Countryside - Biodiversity Species Plans

There is probably more than 40,000 species of wildlife found in Dumfries & Galloway. More than 400 of them have been selected as Local Priority Species in Dumfries and Galloway, and a full list can be downloaded from the Appendices section below. Fifty of these have a Local Species Action Plan that can also be downloaded. Most were produced for the first edition of the Dumfries & Galloway Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP), but much of the information remains relevant.

There are no plans to produce Local Species Action Plans for all Local Priority Species, as the majority of species actions are best achieved through habitat management. However, Species Statements provide general guidance for the management of each of the species groups.

Local Priority Species were selected using the following criteria:

1. National Importance

UK Priority Species and species on the Scottish Biodiversity List that occur in Dumfries & Galloway on a permanent/semi-permanent/regular basis (i.e. not as rare vagrants).

2. Local Importance in a National Context

Any species not included above for which Dumfries & Galloway supports 30% or more of the UK population.


A UK nationally rare or UK nationally scarce species for which Dumfries & Galloway supports 75% or more of the Scottish population.

3. Local Rarity

Species that have less than 100 individuals


Occur in only 1 or 2 10km squares in Dumfries & Galloway.

4. Local Decline

Species that have declined in numbers or range as a result of human activity by 10% or more during any period in the last 100 years, or species threatened with decline on this scale.

5. Local Distinctiveness

Species that are characteristic of Dumfries & Galloway.


Appendices: pdf icon Biodiversity Local Action Plan - Section 13. Appendices [265kb]

Species Statements:

01.  pdf icon adder [767kb]

02.  pdf icon alpine foxtail [652kb]

03.  pdf icon azure hawker dragonfly [526kb]

04.  pdf icon barn owl [459kb]

05.  pdf icon barnacle goose [938kb]

06.  pdf icon bilberry pug moth [423kb]

07.  pdf icon black alpine sedge [327kb]

08.  pdf icon black grouse [826kb]

09.  pdf icon bluebell [2Mb]

10.  pdf icon broad-bordered white underwing moth [719kb]

11.  pdf icon burnet moth [422kb]

12.  pdf icon chough [527kb]

13.  pdf icon corn buntin [427kb]

14.  pdf icon forester moth [589kb]

15.  pdf icon globe flower [404kb]

16.  pdf icon golden eagle [811kb]

17.  pdf icon great crested newt [702kb]

18.  pdf icon hairy dragonfly [518kb]

19.  pdf icon hen harrier [346kb]

20.  pdf icon holy grass [588kb]

21.  pdf icon honeycomb worm [498kb]

22.  pdf icon juniper [723kb]

23.  pdf icon lapwing [280kb]

24.  pdf icon large Heath [616kb]

25.  pdf icon leislers bat [683kb]

26.  pdf icon lesser whitethroat [583kb]

27.  pdf icon natterjack toad [402kb]

28.  pdf icon nightjar [856kb]

29.  pdf icon northern brown argus [726kb]

30.  pdf icon otter [943kb]

31.  pdf icon pearl-bordered fritillary [532kb]

32.  pdf icon peregrine [550kb]

33.  pdf icon perennial flax [391kb]

34.  pdf icon pillwort fern [584kb]

35.  pdf icon pipistrelle bats [784kb]

36.  pdf icon red kite [548kb]

37.  pdf icon red squirrel [424kb]

38.  pdf icon royal fern [410kb]

39.  pdf icon slender green feather moss [265kb]

40.  pdf icon slender naiad [527kb]

41.  pdf icon slow worm [443kb]

42.  pdf icon small pearl-bordered fritillary [532kb]

43.  pdf icon smelt (sparling) [376kb]

44.  pdf icon sticky catchfly [474kb]

45.  pdf icon tree sparrow [425kb]

46.  pdf icon twite [790kb]

47.  pdf icon variable damselfly [432kb]

48.  pdf icon vendace [924kb]

49.  pdf icon water vole [599kb]

50.  pdf icon whorl snail [676kb]

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