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Harvest Home and Golden Corn by David Payne, 1875

This is called "Harvest Home and Golden Corn". It shows people gathering corn by hand near Annan. This painting was made in 1875.

Harvest Home and Golden Corn
  • "Harvest Home and Golden Corn" 
  • 1875
  • The woman is gathering the corn into stooks to dry in the sun. A familiar scene 100 years ago, painted by David Payne

Payne, the son of an Annan mason, was educated alongside W E Lockhart at Annan Academy. He showed his talent at an early age but, as was common practice in the 19th century for young artists, he was apprenticed to a house painter.

However, this profession soon became unnecessary as his skill as an artist allowed him to keep his family of 14 children adequately.

During his lifetime Payne was well known for his 'Trompe L'oeil' (the eye deceived) pictures, but he was also a gifted landscape painter.

This oil painting of a woman collecting stooks of corn is both a warm, summery scene and a (somewhat idealised) record of a lost form of farming.

In the collection of Annan Museum.

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