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Timetables for Public Transport

Publication of timetables for local buses as well as trains, ferries and coaches for longer journeys. Includes information on ticketing for public transport.

Bus Services

The timetables are available on the links below and available from Bus Operators, Customer Service Centres, Libraries and Tourist Information Centres.

pdf icon General Information on Bus Services / Index to Places Served (as from September 2013) [562kb]
pdf icon Dumfries Bus route map [2Mb]

Find out more about different types of tickets and passes 

Customer Notice

All bus services which currently operate from Burns Statue in Dumfries will have to be temporarily relocated from Monday 17 February to Monday 9 June during improvement works.

Services 1 - 95101 - CVCT1202 - 246
350 - S1/S2407 - 431500 - 555

Services 1 - 95

DestinationTimetable Updates
1pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Locharbriggs [367kb]
2pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Heathhall [362kb]
3pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Annan Road [326kb]
4pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Larchfield/Lochvale/Georgetown [384kb]
5pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Hospitals - Crichton [341kb]
5apdf icon Georgetown - Crichton [325kb]
6pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Kingholm Quay [336kb]
6apdf icon Dumfries - Glencaple - Caerlaverock [326kb]
7pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Troqueer [330kb]
8pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Cargenbridge - Broomlands [325kb]
9pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Summerhill - Hardthorn - Barnhill [335kb]
10pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Lochside [390kb]
12pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre - Lincluden [344kb]
X74pdf icon Dumfries - Moffat - Glasgow [361kb]
74/114pdf icon From 18 April 2014 [434kb]
74/380pdf icon Moffat Town Service [367kb]
79pdf icon Dumfries - Annan - Carlisle [488kb]
80pdf icon Annan Town Service [339kb]
81/381pdf icon Lockerbie - Lochmaben - Dumfries [430kb]
95pdf icon Galashiels - Hawick - Langholm - Carlisle [374kb]

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Services 101 - CVCT1

DestinationTimetable Updates
101/102pdf icon From 18 April 2014 [416kb]
103pdf icon Lockerbie - Bankshill - Langholm [321kb]
104pdf icon Lockerbie Town Service [318kb]
110pdf icon Lockerbie - Millhousebridge - Hightae - Annan [311kb]
111pdf icon Annan - Creca - Kirkpatrick Fleming - Gretna [310kb]
112/124pdf icon Langholm - Eskdalemuir - Boreland - Lockerbie [371kb]
113pdf icon Lockerbie - Corrie Common - Lockerbie [318kb]
115pdf icon Dumfries - Ae Village [336kb]
116pdf icon Lochwood - Johnstonebridge - Dumfries [314kb]
117pdf icon Lockerbie - Lochmaben - Hightae - Dumfries [338kb]
118pdf icon Lockerbie - Hightae - Heck - Lockerbie [307kb]
120pdf icon Langholm Town Service [326kb]
123pdf icon Langholm - Canonbie - Annan [328kb]
125pdf icon Gretna - Springfield - Canonbie - Rowanburn [311kb]
127pdf icon Newcastleton - Canonbie/Longtown - Carlisle [368kb]
CVCT1pdf icon Moniaive - Castle Douglas [309kb]

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Services 202 - 246

DestinationTimetable Updates
202pdf icon Dumfries - Dunscore - Moniaive - Thornhill [389kb]
212pdf icon Moniaive - Tynron - Keir Mill - Thornhill [322kb]
213pdf icon Thornhill - Gatelawbridge - Thornhill [319kb]
214pdf icon Thornhill - Gatelawbridge - Park - Dumfries [321kb]
215pdf icon Thornhill - Penpont - Glenmidge - Dumfries [316kb]
221pdf icon Timetable 221 - Wanlockhead - Sanquhar - Kirkconnel [378kb]
224pdf icon Leadhills - Wanlockhead - Thornhill - Dumfries [309kb]
236pdf icon Dumfries - Kirkton - Auldgirth - Thornhill [341kb]
246pdf icon Dumfries - Thornhill - Cumnock - Ayr [483kb]

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Services 350 - S1/S2

DestinationTimetable Updates
350pdf icon Stranraer - Railway Station - Cairnryan Ferries [338kb]
pdf icon Stranraer - Girvan - Ayr - Glasgow [388kb]
359pdf icon Newton Stewart - Girvan - Ayr - Glasgow [397kb]
365pdf icon Stranraer Town Service [324kb]
CT365pdf icon Garrick Drive - Breastworks - Garrick Drive [310kb]From Monday 22 April 2014
this service will no longer operate
367pdf icon Stranraer - Portpatrick [337kb]
372/372apdf icon Dumfries - New Abbey - Southerness - Dalbeattie [391kb]
372apdf icon Dalbeattie Town Service [309kb]
373pdf icon Dumfries - Terregles - Shawhead [334kb]
380pdf icon Moffat - Lockerbie [331kb]
382pdf icon Lockerbie - Gretna - Carlisle [374kb]
383pdf icon Lockerbie - Eaglesfield - Annan [377kb]
384pdf icon Waterbeck - Ecclefechan - Annan [334kb]
385pdf icon Dumfries - Carrutherstown - Dalton - Annan [344kb]
388pdf icon Back of the Hill - Annan [306kb]
390pdf icon Annan - Newbie/Powfoot/Clarencefield [316kb]
S1/S3pdf icon Annandale - Peebles/Moffat - Carlisle [313kb]

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Services 407 - 431

DestinationTimetable Updates
407pdf icon Stranraer - Stoneykirk - Drummore [330kb]
408pdf icon Stranraer - Leswalt - Kirkcolm [333kb]
410pdf icon Stranraer - New Luce - Glenluce [310kb]
411pdf icon Stranraer - Knock - Portpatrick - Stranraer [308kb]
412pdf icon Stranraer - Leswalt - Ervie - Leswalt - Stranraer [307kb]
415pdf icon Newton Stewart - The Machars [444kb]
416pdf icon Newton Stewart - Whithorn - Stranraer [322kb]
420pdf icon Newton Stewart Town Service [332kb]
430pdf icon Newton Stewart - Glenluce - Stranraer [361kb]
431pdf icon Newton Stewart - Gatehouse of Fleet [338kb]
431/517pdf icon Kirkcudbright - Twynholm - Gatehouse of Fleet [331kb]
431pdf icon Kirkcudbright Town Service [327kb]

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Services 500 - 555

DestinationTimetable Updates
500/X75pdf icon Dumfries - Newton Stewart - Stranraer [572kb]
501/502pdf icon Dumfries - Dalbeattie - Castle Douglas - Kirkcudbright [524kb]
503pdf icon Dumfries - Springholm - Castle Douglas [387kb]
504pdf icon Lochfoot - Dumfries [334kb]
505pdf icon Dumfries - Dalbeattie - Auchencairn - Kirkcudbright [352kb]
512pdf icon Timetable 512 - Castle Douglas Town Service (as from 14 April 2014) [341kb]
515pdf icon Castle Douglas - Laurieston - Mossdale [325kb]
516pdf icon Castle Douglas - Auchencairn [324kb]
520pdf icon Castle Douglas - New Galloway - Dalmellington - Ayr [382kb]
521pdf icon Laurieston - New Galloway - Dumfries [319kb]
555pdf icon Ring 'n' Ride - Kirkcudbright - Castle Douglas - Dumfries [322kb]

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Rail Travel

DestinationTimetable Updates
ScotRailpdf icon Glasgow - Dumfries - Carlisle - Newcastle [385kb]
ScotRailpdf icon Stranraer - Ayr - Glasgow [387kb]
First Trans Pennine
pdf icon London - Manchester - Carlisle - Glasgow - Edinburgh [529kb]

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Ferry Travel

DestinationTimetable Updates
P&Opdf icon Cairnryan - Larne - Cairnryan [313kb]
Stena Linepdf icon Cairnryan - Belfast - Cairnryan [313kb]

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Coach Travel

DestinationTimetable Updates
National Express
pdf icon Belfast - Stranraer - Manchester - Leeds - Birmingham/London [325kb]
Scottish Citylink 923pdf icon Belfast - Stranraer - Glasgow/Edinburgh [322kb]

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Public Transport Journey Planner

Traveline Scotland provides up to date, impartial public transport journey planning and timetables. You can plan your journey by public transport using the planner below. Alternatively you can search for journeys, between postcodes, postal addresses, town/areas, or bus/rail stations and stops by visiting the Traveline Scotland website.


Bus timetables

Alternatively you can find, customise and print a timetable using the service number.

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