Fishing in Dumfries

Fishing on the River Nith and River Cairn in Dumfries Burgh is managed by our Council. Salmon, sea trout and brown trout can all be fished with a permit between 25th February and 30th November although bag restrictions apply.

Prices and tickets

AdultJuniorEasy Access
Season ticket - Nithsdale resident£119£5£45
Season ticket - visitor£179.50£5-
Weekly ticket - Nithsdale resident£59.50£5-
Weekly ticket - visitor£89£5-
Daily ticket - Nithsdale resident£26.50--
Daily ticket - visitor special (until 31st August)£32--
Daily ticket - visitor (from 1st September)

Day tickets can be purchased from:

  • FishPal online
  • Ewart Library, Catherine Street, Dumfries, DG1 1JB
  • REEL-EM-IN, 70 - 72 Friars Vennel, Dumfries DG1 2RL

Weekly and season tickets can be purchased from:

  • Ewart Library, Catherine Street, Dumfries, DG1 1JB


Dumfries Burgh Waters extend 8 miles but most of the activity is focused on 2 miles of the River Nith and 1.5 miles of the River Cairn. The boundaries are:

  • River Cairn - 400 yards above Newbridge to the River Nith
  • River Nith - 300 yards above Martinton Bridge to the estuary

The Nith has about 20 named pools and the Cairn has about 15, the mixture of pools are suitable for fly, spinning and worming. Some minor restrictions are in place on both banks and no Sunday fishing is permitted.


A number of rules and restrictions are in place to conserve fish stocks:

It is a condition of issue of fishing tickets that full details of all fish caught should be reported, no later than 1st December of the relevant year. Nil returns are required where appropriate.

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