Entertainment licences

Find out information on Entertainment Licences i.e. cinema, public entertainment etc.

The following licenses application forms and guidance are available to download and return to us by post, together with the relevant fee and supporting documents.

Betting and Gaming

The Licensing Board deals with premises applications for Bingo Halls, Casinos, Betting Premises, Adult Gaming Centres, Family Entertainment Centres and permits for Gaming Machines.


Applications for a Cinema Licence have a minimum consultation period of 21 days to allow for any objections to be received. Applications can then be considered and processed. Civic Government licences are not transferable. You will need to re-apply in your own/your company name.


Any hypnotism performance requires permission from Dumfries and Galloway Council. The Hynotism Act 1952 states that no person shall give an exhibition, demonstration or performance of hypnotism on any living person, at or in connection with entertainment to which the public are admitted, whether on payment or otherwise, at any place unless the controlling authority that exhibition, demonstration or performance.

Small Society Lotteries

For registration with a Licensing Board the total value of tickets to be put on sale per single lottery must be £20,000 or less, or the aggregate value of tickets to be put on sale for all their lotteries in a calendar year must not exceed £250,000. If the values exceed either of these values then the Society may require to be licensed with the Gambling Commission instead.


Public performance of stage plays must be licensed under the Theatres Act 1968. The definition of a play includes any dramatic piece, involving speech, singing or action and the playing of a role. Ballets and musicals are also included in this definition.

Public Entertainment

Bungee jumping/catapulting -
the activity of diving, either freestanding or within a cage or capsule, from an elevated platform e.g. bridge or crane, or being catapulted between 2 cranes or objects, with feet or any part of body, or cage or capsule, attached to an elasticated rope designed to pull or catapult the person into air.

Circus - an entertainment in which a variety of performers e.g. acrobats, clown and performing animals are involved in a series of unrelated acts.

Fun Fairs - an entertainment with 5 or more mechanical rides together with sideshows or amusements should include both adult rides and children's rides.

Firework Displays - Displays where devices containing explosive materials are ignited to produce light and sound effects.

Music Events and Festivals - Events and festivals where music forms a substantial part of the entertainment. The music can be produced vocally and/or instrumentally and/or electronically. It may be performed live or relayed and includes music accompanied by dancing.

Indoor Music Events and Festivals in premises with an occupant capacity of or over 350 are music events and festivals as defined above which take place in indoor premises which have an occupant capacity of or over 350.

Outdoor Music Events/Festivals are music events and festivals as defined above which take place out of doors.

Community Based Free Events

The Council anticipate that free events will most likely be Indoor and Outdoor Music Events, Firework Displays and perhaps charity bungee jumping. As it is also anticipated that free events will be community generated the Council has agreed to restrict the fee.

What information do I need to provide?

The information requested on the application form and the appropriate fee.

How is the application dealt with?

Under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, applications have a minimum consultation period of 21 days to allow for any objections to be received. Applications can then be considered and processed.

Can I lodge an objection or representation to a licence?

Yes, objections or representations relating to a licence application may be made in writing to the local authority, within 21 days of notice of the licence application being given, stating:

  • the grounds of the objection or nature of the representation
  • the name and address of the person making the representation

If you have any concerns regarding licenses issued by Environmental Standards or want to discuss those that may be unlicensed, please contact them 030 33 33 3000.

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