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Burials, cremations and funerals

Sometimes relatives may wish to organise a burial themselves. Any person wishing to arrange an interment is not required to use the services of a Funeral Director, although at such a distressing time it can make the arrangements much easier.

Arrange a burial

Direct contact can be made with the appropriate local DGFirst office where advice and information can be given about the requirements and paperwork involved for an interment.

Dumfries and Galloway Council does not provide the services of a crematorium. Should it be required, cremation caskets may be interred in a burial ground in the same manner as a normal coffin interment. There are privately run crematoria at Collin, near Dumfries, Ayr and Carlisle.

All burials require a Verification Form to be completed. Where ground has been previously purchased and the lair certificate cannot be produced, the 'Certificate of Indemnity' must be completed to verify the right of burial. The Verification form should be returned to the local burial office at least 2 clear working days prior to the interment taking place to allow authorisation of the form and copies sent to gravediggers, undertakers/third party.

The following information is required:

  • Name of the burial ground
  • Full name of the deceased
  • Date and place of death
  • Where the deceased lived
  • Section of the burial ground and lair number is involved
  • Who is making the funeral arrangements
  • Size of the coffin (Burials only)

On the day of interment the Certificate of Registration of Death or Cremation Certificate should be handed to the gravediggers (without this form the burial cannot take place).

Buying a Grave

As a general rule, a grave plot or lair can only be purchased at the time of interment. However, there are certain burial grounds where a 'Lair Option Scheme', or 'Pre-Purchase Scheme' is available.


An exhumation is the removal of a coffin or cremation casket at some point in time after burial.

Exhumations are rare, and in general use are only carried out in the following circumstances:

  • where a family re-locates to another area of the country, and wishes the coffin/casket to be re-interred in that area.
  • where a body requires to be re-examined as part of a criminal investigation.

It is unlikely that a Sheriff would grant an exhumation order without good reason.

A senior officer of the Council will be present at all stages of the exhumation to ensure compliance with all terms of the exhumation order.

Burial Grounds

The Grounds Maintenance teams in DGFirst are responsible for around 200 churchyards, burial grounds and cemeteries, carrying out grass cutting and general maintenance to keep them tidy and in good order.

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