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Council Tax - Disabled Band Reductions

If there is an adult or a child living in your home on a permanent basis and who is substantially and permanently disabled you could be entitled to a reduction in council tax.

The reduction is made by charging council tax at the valuation band below the one the property is in. For example if your property is in band D, the council tax bill will be worked out as if it were in band C. A reduction also applies if your home is in band A.

The property must have one of the following features:

  • An additional bathroom or kitchen used to meet the needs of a disabled resident.
  • Enough floor space for a wheelchair used by the disabled person when indoors.
  • A room (not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory) used mainly to meet the needs of a disabled resident

The above facilities must be essential or of major importance to the disabled resident by reason of the nature and extent of their disability.

A sole bathroom or kitchen, even if specially adapted to meet the needs of a person with a disability, is not sufficient to qualify. Additionally, a wheelchair is not considered to be required for meeting the disabled person's needs if he does not need to use it within in the living accommodation in the dwelling.

Your completed form can be handed in to your local Customer Service Centre or posted to the address below.

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