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Water Rates - Domestic

Scottish Water is a state-owned company in Scotland that provides water and sewerage services. Unlike in England and Wales, water and sewerage provision in Scotland has not been privatised.

The current organisation was founded in 2002 by a merger of West of Scotland Water, East of Scotland Water and North of Scotland Water.

Dumfries and Galloway Council collect Water and Wastewater charges on behalf of Scottish Water.  Scottish Water set the charges independently from the council and they are detailed on your Council Tax demand notice each year.

Council Tax Water and Sewerage Reduction Scheme

With effect from the 1st April 2006 a new Water and Sewerage Charges Reduction Scheme for Council Tax came into force. The aim of The Water and Sewerage Charges (Exemption and Reduction) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 is to make water charges as affordable as possible for those payers on low incomes.

In broad terms the new scheme will allow a reduction of up to 25% of water charges for households with two or more adults resident that are in receipt of Council Tax Benefit. It is intended that the cost of the new reduction scheme will be met by the abolition of the existing discounts on water charges available to second homes and empty dwellings.

The new reduction is graduated to reflect entitlement to a Council Tax Reduction and is calculated on the same daily basis as a Council Tax Reduction. If a household with two or more adults is in receipt of full 100% Council Tax Reduction, then the full 25% water reduction will apply.

The formula used to calculate the reduction percentage is: 0.25 x (CTR/CTAX)

Once the percentage is worked out, this is multiplied by the gross water and/or sewerage charge to calculate the reduction amount for the period in question.

Current Single Person/Status Discounts

There is no change to the award of water and sewerage discounts for households in receipt of a Single or Status discount. The existing discount of 25% will continue to apply to their water and sewerage charges.

Unoccupied Properties

The current water and sewerage discount for all second homes and empty dwellings is to be abolished.

In Dumfries and Galloway most second homes and empty dwellings currently attract a discount of 10%. However there are still some which qualify for a 50% discount. These include purpose built holiday homes, job-related dwellings, dwellings undergoing extensive repair and dwellings which less than 6 months have elapsed since the last period of occupation.

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