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Term Dates and School Holidays

School term and holiday dates are set by the Council following consultation with teachers. Dates for up to 3 years in advance are published once agreed. The Council also aims to publicise any changes to the scheduled dates or unexpected closures as soon as possible.

Current Term Dates

The term dates for the academic year 2013/2014 are as follows:

Term 1 (Monday 19 August 2013 - Friday 11 October 2013)
Autumn Holiday - Monday 14 October 2013 to Friday 25 October 2013

Term 2 (Monday 28 October 2013 to Friday 20 December 2013)
St Andrew's Day Holiday - Thursday 28 November 2013
Mid Term Holiday - Friday 29 November 2013
Christmas Holiday - Monday 23 December 2013 to Friday 3 January 2014

Term 3 (Monday 6 January 2014 to Friday 4 April 2014)
Mid-Term Holiday - Monday 17 February 2014
Inset* - Tuesday 18 February 2014 and Wednesday 19 February 2014
Spring Holiday - Monday 7 April 2014 - Monday 21 April 2014

Term 4 (Tuesday 22 April to Wednesday 2 July 2014)
May Day Holiday - Monday 5 May 2014
Inset* - Friday 6 June 2014

Summer Holiday - Thursday 3 July 2014 - Tuesday 19 August 2014
Staff return - Monday 18 August 2014
                    Tuesday 19 August 2014
Pupils return - Wednesday 20 August 2014

* Inset days are Professional learning days

You can also download copies of the current or future term and holiday dates:

Unauthorised Absence

Family holidays during term times will be marked as an unauthorised absence. This will be done even if you have told the school you intend to take your child on holiday. No school work will be given, although some schools may consider giving you information about what will be covered during the absence.

In exceptional circumstances, extended visits overseas to relatives or the extended absence of children of travelling people may be marked as an authorised absence. If you wish to discuss the matter further, please contact the school.

Emergency School Closures

The homepage of this website always features a news headline whenever one or more schools are closed at short notice. The headline provides a link to further information including reasons for closures, the expected duration of closures and contact details for the relevant schools. Please note that you can view the Emergency School Closure list at any time. It may be useful to add this page to your favourites.

An email is sent to the local media as soon as the list of schools is updated too. Local newspapers and radio can then choose to publicise this information.

Parents/carers are also notified of any emergency school closures by text message wherever possible.

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