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Civic Hospitality

To mark special events or achievements, the Council will sometimes provide hospitality in the form of a reception, light refreshments or a presentation.

The Council decides whether hospitality will be provided and, if so, in what form. This would vary according to the nature of the event, the number of participants and even the venue.

Examples of this might include, a reception for attendees at a major conference being held in Dumfries and Galloway or to mark a special achievement by a group or organisation in the area; or perhaps in recognition of a special honour that has been conferred on a person or business or local charity and so on.

Councillors would host the event and guests representing the council would also be invited in addition to your own guests.

Hospitality takes time to plan and organise. Applications should be made as far in advance of the dates concerned as possible. It would not usually be possible to consider applications for events less than six weeks ahead.

It is best to write to us, giving details of the event or accomplishment for which hospitality is being requested with proposed date(s), numbers and times. You should give as much information as you can at this stage. Your application will then be considered and we will let you know the decision in due course.

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