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Strategies, plans and policies

Dumfries and Galloway Council publishes a range of public information each year to keep local people informed about the services that are provided by the Council and the decisions that are made to change or improve them.

There are a range of key publications produced by Dumfries and Galloway Council itself, or in partnership with its Community Planning partners.

These provide information about what the Council and its partners have done and what they are planning to do.


Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) 2013-16
The Dumfries and Galloway Strategic Partnership has agreed the region's new pdf icon Dumfries and Galloway Single Outcome Agreement 2013-2016 [308kb] which will run from 2013-16. This is the main partnership planning document for the region.

It was developed by Strategic Partnership members from the Council, NHS, Scottish Enterprise, SWestrans, Police and the Third and Private sectors over the last year and has involved a wide range of people and organisations across the region.

Carbon Management Plan 2 (CMP2)
Dumfries and Galloway Council's revised pdf icon Carbon Management Plan [1Mb] was approved in January 2012.  It outlines strategy, systems and projects to coordinate the sustainable achievement of carbon emission reduction targets set through legislation.


pdf icon Anti Social Behaviour Strategy 2011-2014 [267kb]
Promoting Positive Citizenship. A multi-agency strategy and action plan to tackle anti-social behaviour in Dumfries and Galloway.

pdf icon DAVAWP - Strategic Framework 2012 - 2015 [235kb]
The Domestic Abuse Strategy Group is responsible for the development of a local strategy to tackle domestic abuse throughout the region. This three year strategy will focus on prevention, protection, provision as well as the locally identified priorities of partnership and progress.

pdf icon Dumfries and Galloway Financial Inclusion Strategy 2013 - 2017 [1Mb]
The Financial Inclusion Strategy will operate from March 2013 through to March 2017. This time period will cover the impacts of the Welfare Reform Act which is due to be fully implemented by December 2017.

pdf icon Dumfries and Galloway Cultural Strategy [1Mb]
pdf icon Dumfries and Galloway Public Involvement Strategy [536kb]
pdf icon Dumfries Town Centre Strategy and Action Plan 2001-2014 [2Mb]
pdf icon South of Scotland Competitiveness Strategy 2007-2013 [303kb]
pdf icon Moving Image Strategy 2008 - 2013 [122kb]
pdf icon Leisure and Sport Strategy 2011-2015 [866kb]
pdf icon Building Healthy Communities - Strategy and Action Plan 2008-2013 [3Mb]
pdf icon Young Carers Strategy [485kb]
pdf icon Waste Resource Management Strategy 2012-2020 [383kb]
pdf icon Carers Strategy 2012-2017 [758kb]
pdf icon Regional Economic Strategy 2016-2020 [554kb]


Annual Accounts
Council performance
Equality and diversity
Financial Regulations and Codes
Tackling poverty
Standing Orders and Schemes of Delegation

pdf icon Annual Performance on Comments, Compliments and Complaints 2011-2012 [487kb]
pdf icon National Standards for Community Engagement [440kb]
pdf icon The Good Access Guide [1Mb]
pdf icon Dumfries and Galloway Compact [1Mb]
pdf icon Unacceptable Actions Policy [358kb]

The Wee Book
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 1 Positive about Parenting [1Mb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 2 Family Health [505kb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 3 Learning [418kb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 4 Housing [233kb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 5 Support to Families [1Mb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 6 Money Matters [271kb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 7 Getting out and about [204kb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 8 Our Space [778kb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 9 Moving On [221kb]
- pdf icon The Wee Book - Section 10 Useful Information [93kb]

Broadcast Magazine
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2015 [2Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2014 [6Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2013 [4Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2012 [3Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2011 [1Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2010 [4Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2009 [1Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Spring 2009 [898kb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2008 [2Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Spring 2008 [303kb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2007 [2Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Spring 2007 [1006kb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Autumn 2006 [1Mb]
- pdf icon Broadcast Magazine - Spring 2006 [650kb]

Community Planning News
Keep up to date with key developments in Community Planning with the Together is Better E-newsletter. Watch out for future newsletters coming to your computer screen in true e-newsletter style.

If you would like a hard copy of the newsletter or if you have any comments  please contact Community Planning

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