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Council performance

Effective planning and performance management helps us achieve this by identifying, measuring and then managing what matters in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and overall performance of our Council.

It must be embedded in everything we do and is seen as a continuous process.

It is taking action in response to actual performance to achieve better outcomes for the public than they would otherwise be.  It helps to ensure that we are achieving what we set out to do and demonstrating value for money. 

Our Council is committed to providing members of the public with information on its performance to enable them to determine how well our Council is performing against plans and understand the actions our Council will take to address any areas of concern.

Our Scrutiny and Performance Committee determine how and when we report performance by setting a Performance Reporting Timetable 2013-2014.

Use this link to find out how our services are performing.

Other examples of service and financial performance information which will help people determine how well their Council is serving them include: Statutory Performance Indicators (SPIs), community plans and external audit reports.

Performance Life Cycle

Scrutiny and Performance Handbook

The pdf icon Scrutiny and Performance Handbook [503kb] a guide primarily for Elected Members and Officers but also for any witnesses and contributors to our Council's scrutiny activity.  It provides information and guidance on the operating principles and techniques of our Council's Scrutiny and Performance Committee and particularly how the Committee will undertake its Reviews.

Although the Scrutiny and Performance Committee has a specific role in this work, the Handbook will also help embed the scrutiny function into the remits and activity of all our Council's Committees.

Statutory Performance Indicators

Dumfries and Galloway Council's SPIs

It is a requirement of the Local Government Act 1992 that each local authority collects and publishes annual information relating to its performance. The Accounts Commission specifies some of the performance information and gives councils discretion to report additional information relevant to local priorities.

You can access the SPI information using the links below:

The tables in the report show where progress has been made and where further improvements can be made. A wider view of our achievements was published in the pdf icon latest edition of the Council's Broadcast magazine [4Mb]. Please use this link to view previous editions. This will highlight where progress is planned and many more aspects of the Council's work identified through public surveys and consultation.

We welcome your comments on the content of the report and presentation of the information.

Council Priorities and Commitments End of Year Progress Report

The Council's Priorites and Commitments were agreed by the Full Council on 28 June 2012 and are to be delivered through the Council's term of office 2012-17. The End of Year Progress Report is a report on delivery of the Commitments at the end of the first year.

The report draws on relevant performance information in our Council's six Business Plans and also includes qualitative information to provide further explanation of progress. 

Working with our Partners

Single Outcome Agreement 2013-2016

The Dumfries and Galloway Single Outcome Agreement 2013-2016is between the Scottish Government; Dumfries and Galloway Council; and the Dumfries and Galloway Community Planning Partnership - represented by the Community Planning Strategic Partnership. It helps implement the Concordat agreed between the Scottish Government and COSLA, on behalf of local government, as the basis of national-local government relations.

Our Single Outcome Agreement End of Year Performance Report 2012-13 was submitted to the Scottish Government in September 2013.

Local Government Benchmarking Framework

In March 2013, the Local Government Benchmarking Framework was launched which helps all councils in Scotland compare how well they deliver some core services.  The Dumfries and Galloway Council progress on these indicators can be accessed on the Improvement Service Website.

The Local Government Benchmarking Report 2014 contains information about Dumfries and Galloway Council services in the following service areas:

  • Culture and Leisure Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Children's Services
  • Social Work Services
  • Corporate and Support Services

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