Mediation service

Mediation is where someone impartial is asked by people involved in a conflict to help them make a confidential and informal agreement and/or help to improve understanding.

Mediators provide the solution to the problem (not as problem solvers), but they assist the parties concerned in reaching their own solution

The role of the mediator:

  • To help people decide whether they want to use mediation
  • To help people describe the conflict and how it is affecting them
  • To help people be clear about their underlying needs
  • To help people think of practical solutions
  • To help people be constructive and positive
  • To manage aggression and difficult behaviour
  • To identify and build on opportunities for agreement
  • To be impartial and make sure everyone is heard
  • To make sure power imbalances do not result in injustice
  • To test any agreement to make sure they are practical

The mediation process would consist of initial individual mediation meetings followed by a mediation involving relevant parties if suitable for mediation. The roles and responsibilities in the mediation process would be explained to those involved by a trained mediator.

Our mediators are accredited under the Scottish Community Mediation Network's training accreditation training scheme.

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